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I elected to use my Second Quest save for something practical.

This little-discussed, but fairly humorous glitch occurs in Zelda 2, and its only requirements are the Jump Spell, Fairy Spell, enough MP to cast both, and an area with an open cieling that Link can jump into. The main uses for this glitch are for easy exits from a Palace so you can return to town and/or resupply, but on Palace 5, it can be used for *so* much more than that.

I won't spoil the surprise - just take a look for yourself.

You do need to be careful, as if you aren't, you can easily wind up trapped.

To use the glitch, have Link jump out of the screen, cast Fairy, and try to move when in a palace. You'll see the "Falling" animation, and wind up in a new location (very often the Palace entrance). If you know what you're doing, it's possible to wind up at a whole new area entirely....

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